Wine Tastings



Wine is more of a lifestyle when you really get to thinking about it.  It's a social event with friends, a celebration of special moment or a toast of what's to come.   Creating memories is what I call it these day.  We meet a allot of great folks here at Southern Bliss and we would love to host your next Wine Tasting with your friends and colleagues. 

How are we different?

Wine Pairing ... not just a taste!  Finding the right foods and pairing it with a great wine is the key to experiencing a great time with friends. 

What's your Vinotype?  Let's take the Quiz and find out what determines the type of wine you love to enjoy.  It's all about your taste buds!

Let us know what you would like to do for your event.


 Red River Wine Tour

Casino (just across the Oklahoma border)

Nocona Museum

Nocoana  Car Showrooms



  • Southern Bliss Villa -  4 rooms
  • Red River Station - 15 rooms 
  • The Veranda Inn - 15+ rooms